Bot that tracks the New Answers to Old Questions tool and reports the flag worthy answers.

This project is maintained by SOBotics


Sentinel was designed by ArtOfCode and hosted by Undo to provide Natty with a nice front end.

In Art’s own words

Sentinel is the web dashboard for Natty. All posts the bot catches are sent to Sentinel, which collects them as a permanent record. The basic features of Sentinel (viewing posts, reasons, etc, as well as the statistics for them) are available to everyone, but you’ll need to sign up to access the more advanced features (post search, API access, etc).

Brief Introduction

Sentinel has two major parts

  1. Posts
  2. Reasons

The Posts page lists all the new posts sent to the page and the Reasons page lists all the reasons due to which a particular post has been caught.


Sentinel posts receive feedback through Natty. Whenever a Natty report is given feedback to, Sentinel reflects that feedback. The feedback can be accessed through the /feedback page. The 4 types of feedback are

Issues and Feature Requests

The source code of Sentinel is available on Github. You can raise issues or request new features there.