Bot that tracks the New Answers to Old Questions tool and reports the flag worthy answers.

This project is maintained by SOBotics

How can I run the bot under my account?


Steps for the automated setup:

  1. Clone the latest version of the repository using git. (Use the Nattyv3 branch if you would like to run a older version of the file).

    git clone
  2. Make changes to the source code about the places where you want it to run!. This is really important. As of now, any development version will just run in Sobotics and ignores all other rooms. You can change this by creating a new BotRoom and configuring it as to what it needs to read, what it needs to display, where it needs to send, etc. (Here is the place where we set Natty to look only for NAAs on new posts and not all posts).
  3. Run sh It will ask you for a set of data and then create the jar which you can run.

Steps for manual setup (optional):

  1. Follow the steps 1. and 2. from the automatic setup.
  2. Run mvn clean package. A folder /target will be created inside which a .jar file will be present. This is the complete bot code which you need to run.
  3. At the same level of the .jar file which you created. Create the following structure:

       |--- data
       |   |--- BlackListedUsers.txt
       |   |--- BlackListedWords.txt
       |   |--- CheckUsers.txt
       |   |--- FeatureRequests.txt
       |   |--- OptedInUsersList.txt
       |   |--- Salutations.txt
       |    --- WhiteListedWords.txt
       |--- logs
       |   |--- fullReports.txt
       |   |--- output.csv
       |   |--- reports.txt
       |    --- sentinelReports.txt
       |--- properties
       |    ---

if you are tracking for AU as well, then you’ll need to create a aulogs folder structure:

    |--- aulogs
    |   |--- fullReports.txt
    |   |--- output.csv
    |   |--- reports.txt
    |    --- sentinelReports.txt
  1. Pre-populating the blacklist/whitelist/salutation data : This is a bit of a screwed up task because you will need to come up with a list of all the keywords. Fortunately the NAPI provides an end point using which we can query the data. We will need to get the data from there.
  2. Leave the CheckUsers, BlackListedUsers, FeatureRequests and OptedInUsersList empty.
  3. Leave the entire thing under /logs empty.
  4. In add:

    feedMsg=*Feed Kyll here*

if you are running a local instance, you will not need the sentinel keys and the autoflag keys.

Setting up FMS - A dashboard for your bot

At first, I had created a MVP and managed to get some sort of interface where <10k could see a post, even if it was deleted. The FMS was that. After that ArtOfCode wrote a nice Sentinel. However Sentinel might fail sometimes and we’d be losing a lot of data (once it was down for 2 months). So FMS still stands as a backup.

Now for the disclaimer, You can ignore this completely if you don’t want a dashboard. FMS is just a visual frontend for the report and serves no other purpose.

Setting up FMS is simple:

Running the bot