Bot that tracks the New Answers to Old Questions tool and reports the flag worthy answers.

This project is maintained by SOBotics

Commands list

The list of all commands are

addcheckuser    - Adds a new user to the special users list
addsalute       - Adds a given statement to the list of salutations
alive           - Returns a test reply to inform that the bot is alive
blacklist       - Adds a given statement to the list of blacklisted words
check           - Checks the sanity of a given post
delete          - Deletes a given comment
feedback        - Provides feedback on a given post
fetch           - Returns a list of posts that need feedback, See the wiki for more details
halp            - Plop, check it out
help            - Returns information regarding the chatbot
hi              - Hi, Test it out
isblacklisted   - Checks if the given statement is blacklisted
iswhitelisted   - Checks if the given statement is whitelisted
opt-in          - Notifies the user of the requested posts, see the wiki for more details
opt-out         - Unnotifies the user. 
quota           - Returns the remaining API Quota
reboot          - Reboots the bot
remind          - Adds a reminder to the list of requests
rmblacklist     - Removes the given statement from blacklist
rmreq           - Removes the request from the list of requests
rmwhitelist     - Removes the given statement from whitelist  
report          - Reports the mentioned post as a true negative NAA/VLQ
say             - Echoes the user input
send            - Sends a mass feedback, see the wiki for more details
showreqs        - Shows the list of requests
status          - Returns the status of the bot
stopflagging    - Stops auto flagging
test            - Tests a mock body if it would be caught for any filters
whitelist       - Adds a given statement to the list of whitelisted words
wishBD          - Wishes the user a very happy birthday
commands        - Returns the list of commands associated with this bot

Commands related to listing words.

blacklist and rmblacklist

The blacklist command is used to blacklist a given sentence so that the bot picks up those and uses them while applying the blacklist filter. The rmblacklist is used to remove a blacklisted sentence. As the blacklist filter has a high value, only words which might strongly imply a Non-Answer must be blacklisted.

whitelist and rmwhitelist

The whitelist command is similar to the blacklist command. The bot uses it while applying the whitelist filter. The rmwhitelist is used to remove a whitelist.


The addsalute command is used to add a salutation which is normally used to end Non-answers. The salutations filter checks if the listed word is present in the last 3 lines.

Commands related to notifications

opt-in command format

The command to opt-in for a tag needs three arguments. They are the tag, the type of the post and whether to notify when the user is inside the room or not. The third argument defaults to notifying the user only when they are inside room.


opt-out command format

The opt-out command unlists the users only when the arguments are the same as those provided when they opted in. Using opt-out everything opts out an user from all notifications.

Commands related to feedback

fetch command format

The fetch command also takes a few arguments that can be used to get the posts that have not received feedback. The command alone, without any arguments returns a list of answerIds. The other options are

Adding a number argument, returns the requested amount only. For example, to fetch 10 reports, we can use @Natty fetch links 10.

send command format

The send command can be used to send mass feedback. However the feedback must be in the order of what is present in the feedback queue. The argument reverse can be used to send the feedback in the bottoms-up manner. See interacting.html for details.

feedback command format

The feedback command can be used to send feedback to an individual report. The format of the command is feedback postlink feedbackType. The feedback command can be used to correct an incorrectly passed feedback, by re-sending the correct feedback. See interacting.html for details. (The feedback can be monitored on Sentinel)

Easter egg commands

Few commands like

are just small commands to keep the room in a lively mood.

Reply Commands

Apart from the usual feedback commands, the following other commands are present: